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 Luxius, King Alazanders General

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PostSubject: Luxius, King Alazanders General   Luxius, King Alazanders General I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 23, 2008 9:09 pm


Race :Elf



Looks:Luxius, King Alazanders General Pbucket

Alliance:King Alazander

History:Luxius was born into a rich family on the Eastern Territory, where he was spoiled down to the fine silk shoes on his feet. The first 13 years of his life were uneventful. Just eating rare anglosvain boar meat and sipping itsrong's milk. By the age of 14 he had had enough and ran away, which is not to say he wasn’t caught. Brought back to his parents kicking and screaming, Luxius killed all of the men who bound him without raising a finger. He quickly ran to the Northern Kingdom without a second thought.

After a year of running through the desert, nothing to eat but the lizards that walked there and nothing to drink but the water he managed to salvage from a cactus, Luxius arrived in Heltvgar where he was greeted with open arms. Luxius wasn’t stupid so before he ran away he pocket all of the money and gems he could find and left, selling all of the gems and making a fortune in Heltvgar that quickly rocketed him to the top of the food chain. He didn’t let the money go to his head and only spent it on the necessities, food, water, and clothing. After living like this for 2 years Luxius got cocky and bought both a bow and arrow, and a sword made by a master smith. This quickly rid of his small fortune so he was forced to pick a job, a soldier for the army.

Luxius was quickly targeted by the Lt. for being different and was punished severely if he did the slightest bit wrong. But the punishment was worth it as he quickly became a master with both the bow, and the sword. Still unexplainable was how he killed his captors who tried to bring him back to his parent. That is unanswered until he lost his way and stumbled into a quaint little shop that had shelves upon shelves of books of something called ‘Magick’. Luxius decided to buy as many as his salary allowed and continued on his way to the training field.

Luxius was well recognized for his natural talent with the weapons and strategic ability and shot up the ranking faster than most people could believe. He became the General of King Alazander's army right on his 20th birthday, it was also then that he got word of the war breaking out, and his parents being killed by Queen Trenaly. Angered and forced into seclusion, Luxius started to study proverbs just to keep himself from becoming crazy and quickly adapted to the language of them. Forcing himself out of hiding, Luxius re took his position as General and, with newfound fury. trained his troops to be better than ever.

Attitude/beliefs:Luxius is not the kind of guy that you would normaly want to be around. Very grave, he tends to think very deeply, therefore almost all he says has a deeper, harder to reach meaning. Luxius is usually very solitary, not usually talking to anyone unless they are his troops, then he barks orders like crazy


Rank 4-can hit a bulls eye from 1000 meters away-25 points
Rank 4-A legendary swordsman, the best of the best-25 points
Rank 4-A Master magician, next to none can defeat them-25 points
Rank 4-a General of strategy-25 points

Rp Sample: look at History
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Luxius, King Alazanders General
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