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 New Character- Riya ~approved SHB~

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New Character- Riya ~approved SHB~ Empty
PostSubject: New Character- Riya ~approved SHB~   New Character- Riya ~approved SHB~ I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 23, 2008 7:33 pm

Name: Riya

Race: Human (white)



Looks: (see avi)

Riya has been on her own for a few years and try not to make new allies. She every now and then keeps in touch with her family's old allies when she really needs the help, but as time moved on and times are getting harder for her, she starts to consider making some new allies.

Riya was born and raised in the Eastern Kindom on her family's farm just outside a harbor village called Sea Bridge. It wasn't a major city but it still gets good enough people and goods to the village. Riya's father, Zen, was a fisherman and her mother, Cassi, was a stay at home mother. Besides being a fisherman, Zen was also a swordmans of the village. When he wasn't fishing or doing anything with his friends, he would teach Riya how to use basic skills with her sword. She started her training at about age 7 when the fishing wasn't the best, but enough to put food on the table. Her mother, on the other hand, didn't hold any special talents like Riya's father. What Riya learned was Cassi had a history of mages as her ancestors and Cassi was the only member out of the other 8 generations to not hold magical abilities. Cassi, however, was very good with survival skills. She taught Riya about how to survive in the wilderness, what berries are edible, and all that.

When Riya turned 14, she had felt pretty sick for a few weeks with no sign of feeling better. Her grandfather, Cassi's father, heard about the sickness and how long she's been sick, he went down to see everything for himself. After checking Riya's symptoms, he looked up at Cassi and Zen then at Riya. He told them he and his ancestors had the same sickness before they realized they knew they were mages or had magic. After a few more weeks with the illness, Riya's grandfather moved in with the family to teach her about magic and figure out which abilities were stronger in her. For the next few years, Riya kept up with her training and studies. Eventually Zen's fish sales improved and her mother and grandfather stayed at the house or made a trip to the village when they needed to. Things were starting improve a little for Riya's family, and nothing very bad happened to the village either. But apparently, she thought wrong.

It was really humid on a summer day, large storm clouds had rolled in and it started to pour rain. Everyone was at home. Riya, who was 16 now, was in her room watching the rain fall and finishing her studies when she heard large explosions at the harbor. Her father and grandfather were outside after a couple of minutes then ran back inside. They yelled for Riya to get downstairs and out of the house. Everyone left the house just before something exploded on it. Riya and her mother moved further back toward a newby forest while Zen and Riya's grandfather went toward the town. Just then an army appeared from the village and started to attack everything. Something was thrown at Riya's head and she was knocked out. When she woke up, Riya started to shutter and cry at the first sight she's seen in what seems to be like hours. Her home was destroyed, and her parent's and grandfather's body laid lifeless on the ground before her in a pool of blood. She went over to her family's body, said a prayer, and grabbed what was left of her home. All she could get was her father's sword, a few books her mother owned, and some special potions and recipes her grandfather kept to make special medicines. She left toward the town to grab a few other things that could of survived that she could use. Everything was dead and dark there. Blood was smeared on roofs, walls, and streets. After taking a few more minutes to find some supplies, she left the village as quickly as possible.

Ever since then, Riya has been traveling on her own and every now and then kept contact with a few old friends that survived the attack or were from other villages. From what she learn, the whole Eastern Kingdom was attacked and many people died because of Queen Trenaly. Riya traveled around to increase her strength and one day fight against the queen and her army.

Riya has a calm and determined attitude in times of battle or any other times or serious matter. She is also down-to-earth and nice as well as intelligent too. She doesn't have to 'super intelligent' mind but she can still use her head to figure out how to get out of situations.

Rank: Lt. General

Rank 4-A legendary swordsman, the best of the best-10 points
Rank 4-A Master magician, next to none can defeat them-10 points
Rank 3- a strategic mastermind, very through and just-7 points

Rp Sample:
The rain poured hard and the sky looked black even though it was just past noon. Riya had stopped and rested by a large boulder by a flowing river. She looked up where the heavy rain drops hit her face and closed her eyes the think. This day seems very familiar.... it never seems to change. It has been three years today since.... She felt a tear run down her face then she looked ahead where the sky showed no sign of sunlight. She sat back against the boulder again and closed her eyes again. .... Three years since my family has died and my village was destroyed.
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New Character- Riya ~approved SHB~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: New Character- Riya ~approved SHB~   New Character- Riya ~approved SHB~ I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 23, 2008 9:39 pm

Approved, welcome to Elezear
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New Character- Riya ~approved SHB~
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