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 Point System

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PostSubject: Point System   Point System I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 21, 2008 11:53 pm

Universal skills:

For all skills, to get a higher rank, you must have the rank below it

Lieutenant General:90 points
Major General:80 points
Brigadier General:70 points
Colonel:60 points
Lieutenant Colonel:55 points
Major:50 points
Captain:45 points
First Lieutenant:40 points
Second Lieutenant:35 points
Soldier:30 Points

Archery: Rank 1-can hit a bulls eye from 100 meters away-3 point
Rank 2-Can hit a bulls eye from 200 meters away-5 points
Rank 3-Can hit a bulls eye from 500 meters away-7 points
Rank 4-can hit a bulls eye from 1000 meters away-10 points

Rank 1: Knows the basics of swords play, but not very much-3 point
Rank 2-Knows more about swordsmanship than a novice, but still not very much-5 point
Rank 3-Knows enough about swordsmanship to be declared a master swordsman-7 points
Rank 4-A legendary swordsman, the best of the best-10 points

Rank 1: a strategic novice, knows next to nothing about a battlefeild-3 point
rank 2-has an ok strategic mind, but fails to grasp that every soldier is important-5 points
Rank 3- a strategic mastermind, very through and just-7 points
Rank 4-a General of strategy-10 points

Magick (Yes, with a k at the end of the c)
Rank 1-No more than an apprentice magician, and I bad one at that-3 point
Rank 2-A Novice magician, knows enough to not get laughed at by the public, but that is it.-5 points
Rank 3-Good enough to take care of an apprentice magician, some call them masters though they are not-7 points
Rank 4-A Master magician, next to none can defeat them-10 points

Rank 1- a basic grasp of medicine and healing Magick, can only heal minor cuts and burns- 3 Point
Rank 2- A better grasp of medicine and healing Magick, can heal more severe cuts and burns than rank 1-5 points
Rank 3- A great knowledge of medicine and healing Magick, can heal near fatal wounds- 7 points
Rank 4- A great doctor usually the best in the village, can heal fatal wounds and poisons, can also take on apprentices- 10 points

Rank 1- Can feebley move small rocks and objects using ESP-3 point
Rank 2-Can move slightly larger objects with mind-5 points
Rank 3-Can toss boulders and other objects of the same size a maximum of 20 feet-7 points
Rank 4-Can read opponents mind and interpret SOME of their moves, not all-10 points
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Point System
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