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 Maiter of the Queen!

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PostSubject: Maiter of the Queen!   Maiter of the Queen! I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2008 9:03 pm

Name: Loading please wait. Maiter

Race:He be a Basilisk!


Age:500 years

Looks: Maiter is a deep green. His scales seem to shimmer like Opal. his tormented eyes are an unnatural yellow. He is as long as twenty men laying side by side. his teeth are rotted yellow resembling an old, serrated bone. his tail has feathers that are brilliant red, hot pink, and bright orange.

Alliance: Queen Trenaly's

History:The first four hundred years of his life had been uneventful. Maiter had seen what the King did over the last hundred years though. He does not believe what kind, noble Alazander had been saying about everyone being accepted. He had tried to fit in but there was never room for the giant snake in buildings. Maiter hated having to stay out in the rain when all his equals had been able to go indoors. Where Alazander had lied to him, Queen Trenaly seemed to care about what had happened to him. he had been able to rise through the ranks and become close to friends with some colleagues. Maiter had finally found home and people he loved when war broke out and he lost his only friends. Since then, he had stayed close only to higher ranked people, and the Queen.

Attitude/beliefs:Maiter is just a misunderstood creature with nowhere to go. He is usually lighthearted and able to make friends but when his first friends died, he became more guarded. He is slightly shy and tends to savor life to the fullest. He does not believe in gods or anything close. He constantly ignores them as if hallucinating. Although h tries to fool himself to this, he is actually slightly bitheistic. He believes in Mother earth and a Sky god which he calls Father Sky. He answers that Trenaly is Mother Earth when asked who Queen Trenaly is.

Rank:Major General

Rank 4-can hit a bulls eye from 1000 meters away-10 points
Rank 4-a General of strategy-10 points
Rank 2-A Novice magician, knows enough to not get laughed at by the public, but that is it.-5 points
Rank 2- A better grasp of medicine and healing Magick, can heal more severe cuts and burns than rank 1-5 points
Rank 2-Can move slightly larger objects with mind-5 points

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Maiter of the Queen!
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