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What did you think of the little tidbit i wrote?
GREAT! i want to join RIGHT AWAY!
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Pretty good, but ive seen better
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ok, but i could write better
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that was really bad
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PostSubject: Storyline information   Storyline information I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 21, 2008 11:21 pm

The year is 1759 on Elezear. The world as you know it is on the brink of war. And all that stands in the way of it is you. Will you join the conceivably 'evil' Queen Trenaly with her infinite wisdom and in depth knowledge of Magick? Or make an alliance with the mighty Lord Alazander, whose courage and strength are matched by none? The choices are yours, but the consequences are the worlds.

Like that? Well that’s just the promo, but I would like to know, what YOU think of it. Here is what’s going on for reals. You and your race live on a planet called Elezear, which is split up into four sections; The Eastern kingdom, the Northern kingdom, the Southern kingdom, and the Western kingdom. The year is 1759, as stated earlier, and Lord Alazander rules all of the kingdoms, but sends 3 other rulers to govern the Eastern, Southern, and Western Kingdom. These rulers varied in race, sex, and abilities but one person stood out from the crowd. She was Queen Trenaly. She was a stand out for more reasons than one, the biggest one being her body. She was a beautiful woman, with song brown hair that reached her shoulders. Full lips on an angular face that most men (and some women) thought were fit for a god. Her stunning green eyes and full body only added to the adoration that she already received. But what everyone didn’t see was that Queen Trenaly was a wicked woman. As soon as she was named governess of the Southern kingdom when wanted more, and made an alliances with the Governor of the Western Kingdom. Soon she wanted too much and blew her cover, attacking the Eastern kingdom and almost ruining it as well. Lord Alazander heard of her treachery and immediately gained back the eastern kingdom just as Queen Trenaly killed the governor of the Western kingdom, taking it over for herself. Now, we get to the climax. The war is about to break out, but who’s side are you on. Make a character and lets delve deeper into the story, shall we?
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Storyline information
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