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 Plaguestin ~approved SHB~

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PostSubject: Plaguestin ~approved SHB~   Plaguestin ~approved SHB~ I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 29, 2008 6:24 pm


Race: Minotaur

Age:24 years old

Looks: Plaguestin is a 5 foot monster. his human half is a deep, defined, tan. He Usually wears pants like any sensible being and when on streets, wears a light shirt. However on battlefield, he wears as much armor as anyone. His top half is covered in deep ginger. His horns have a light ivory complexion.

Alliance:Northern Territory. He comes from the Stradrai Desert where there are small Minotaur villages dotted throughout the country. However, Queen Trenaly Burned them down, so Plaguestin is making a stand!

History:Plaguestin had been captured by Queen Trenaly as a young minotaur and brutally beaten for information. Everytime he refused information, they whipped him. For thirteen cruel years, he lived in a cell in the General's bunkers. After fourteen years, He had grown strong enough that when he was going back to the cell from another interview, He was able to knock out his captors and make a dash for the door. He ran as fast as he could back to his villages. As a minotaur, it took him only a day to get there where a lesser man would have taken a week. When he arrived, his entire village had been burned to the ground. Plaguestin was devastated so he continued traveling on to the Northern Kingdom. There he prospered and became a Lieutenant General.

Attitude/beliefs:Plaguestin is a very callous being. He tends to be more on the shy side and has a temper. He believes there is one god. This is because he is glad he finally escaped and believes he will eventually go to a thing similar to heaven.

Rank 2-Can hit a bulls eye from 200 meters away-5 points
Rank 4-A legendary swordsman, the best of the best-10 points
Rank 4-a General of strategy-10 points
Rank 2-A Novice magician, knows enough to not get laughed at by the public, but that is it.-5 points
Rank 1- a basic grasp of medicine and healing Magick, can only heal minor cuts and burns- 3 Point

Rp Sample:Look at history
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PostSubject: Re: Plaguestin ~approved SHB~   Plaguestin ~approved SHB~ I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 29, 2008 6:38 pm

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Plaguestin ~approved SHB~
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